Ola Electric teases its cool new escooter in a tacky video

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Ahead of the upcoming launch of the first escooter from Ola Electric, the company’s Chairman and CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal, posted a video on Twitter today. And now we have the first actual glimpse of the two-wheeler.

The video shows Aggarwal taking the escooter for a ride on the streets of Bengaluru, India, where the startup is based. 

Initial impressions? Well, the scooter is beautiful. Also, its modern design and sleek black matt color set it apart from other models currently on the market.

Plus, its large under-seat storage space, which fits two half-face helmets, is another big advantage.

But the most exciting spec is the escooter’s 0-60mph acceleration, something Aggarwal says is possible. If true, it’s safe to assume the escooter has a pretty powerful motor and battery pack.

But the praise ends there. The video is rather unimpressive, and filled with cliches.

Firstly, it seems the spotlight is more on Aggarwal that on the scooter. Then, there’s a whole bunch of big statements like “nifty maneuverability” and “superior cornering” being thrown around. And finally, there’s the uninspired EPIC music on the background.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m excited to see what the escooter will bring to the table, so I’m looking forward to the launch.

Ola has much bigger plans than a simple domestic rollout: The company aspires to bring its scooter to the European market as well. In April, Ola also announced its Hypercharger fast-charging network, which promises to charge the company’s electric two-wheeler to 50% in just 18 minutes.

If Aggarwal brings the same kind of confidence he’s radiating in this video, he might just get what he wants.

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Kylie Knox

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